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June 20, 2006



OK, we'll try again.

You defend Truman by stating that he was not able to "retain" China (in effect.) No one said HST was personally able to "retain" China--but it IS the case that HST, taking his advice from a Communist, pulled the plug on Chiang Kai-shek's army--and ensuring thereby the loss of the mainland. For that matter, given the opportunity to strip North Korea from Red hands, HST, the "hero" fired MacArthur instead. Petty jealousy on HST's part; he knew that MacArthur was FAR more popular than HST was, and made a call which is still costing the US (and Japan, and Taiwan, and the Russkis) a lot.

Further, you maintain that the USA was not prepared to go to war to keep Eastern Europe out of the hands of the Reds. Maybe, maybe not. Far more arguable is your contention that Churchill acquiesced willingly. If that were the case, why did Churchill give the "Iron Curtain" speech which explicitly condemned the Empire? Perhaps you have proof that Churchill was all in favor of giving Eastern Europe to Joe Stalin. Please produce it.

While we're there--why did HST stiff Churchill after C. gave the "Iron Curtain" speech? HST was SCHEDULED to meet with C, and conveniently excused himself. Perhaps another Commie adviser?

George C Marshall was a great general, and a foreign policy idiot. His original Marshall Plan included handing a few $zillion to the Commie regime in the Soviet Union, too. Fortunately, Congress, led by Republicans, saw it differently.

Simply calling Marshall "a great man" does not make it so. See: the funeral oration for Caesar as rendered by W. Shakespeare.

Sorry--your arguments are unconvincing and/or begin from the wrong premise. Better luck next time.

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