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September 17, 2006



I know of one place where libertarian policies like the ones advocated at this meeting were tried flat out, no holds barred -- Iraq.

Gerald K. Flakas

I sent the following letter to the MJS on Sept. 17 (we'll see if they print it):

I really don't understand why you continue to give coverage in your paper to comments by John Jazwiec of RedPraire. His company is only a small player on the greater Milwaukee and Wisconsin scene, and I think you give his commentary far more attention that it deserves. He constantly whines that taxes are too high for him, and his threats to take his little company out of Wisconsin remind me of a company malcontent at the water cooler rather than a "top executive". He states that this area is a "barren technology sector in the area", yet GE Healthcare, Rockwell Automation, and other premier companies in the area are doing well in attracting technology talent, and UW-M, UW-Madison, MSOE, and Marquette all have top-notch engineering schools. Maybe he should look inward to his own practices to explain his inability to attract talent. Then he calls for "the eventual elimination of taxes", while in the same paragraph calling for the elevation of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee "into one of the nations elite schools". How does propose this should be funded, by an endowment from Santa Claus? If he thinks zero taxes are the answer, then maybe he should take his company to Las Vegas, where the state operations are funded by gambling revenues rather than personal taxes; does he think he and his employees would prefer that quality of life to ours? If so, good luck and good riddance!

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