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October 31, 2006



And of course those same radio stations will chase whatever dollars are out there to be had. Right now WIND panders to the Rush-crowd but it's not so many years ago that they were locked in a deathmatch with WLS for the hearts and minds of the teen make-out crowd.

The stations are fickle, as the McBrides of the world will find out, and will pursue the pocketbooks of the ins at the expense of the outs.

Politics is a pendulum and not an arrow. It will swing back into the faces of those who are pushing it now and they will squeal when it happens. A little fairness now might be what they're craving when things wind up swinging the other way.


Regardless of who's in power, liberal talk radio will likely never do well. Look at Air America. You can slam right wing radio all you want . . . fact is, it kills liberal talk in virtually every market. Don't like it? Don't listen to it. What so hard about that? Tune in NPR. Joel McNally is oh so entertaining. And just as polarizing himself. I'm all for more lefty talk radio. But fact is, it doesn't sell.

And what about other media outlets? Think the Journal has been any friend to the republicans? Think CNN is cozy with Bush?

Turn the dial.


That's right, because racism, bigotry and hate sell ... that's why right-wing talk radio does so well.

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