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October 01, 2006



There's a surprise. Now that hubby isn't going to be the AG, better tie up those loose ends so the typical audience doesen't drop from 10 listeners to 5 on an average night. I actually miss Mark Reardon!


And now there is the irony in her blog tonight, which places the blame for the Republican leadership's coverup of Republican Congressman Foley's email dalliance with underage pages on . . . yes! it's the media's fault! So editors and reporters ought to resign, but not Republican leaders in Congress.

Irony knows no bounds on some blogs.

Mr. Rock

Here's a link to a good article on this in Salon.


Oh, btw ... I'm the one who compared her to Pat Nixon. I also mentioned the many good works that Pat Nixon did while first lady ... none of which apply to McBucher, of course. Her only concern is herself and her ... can we say it ... loser husband.

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