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October 25, 2006



Jessica I am sure is no nitwit (hold the laughter) but it would do her well to stop writing. Certainly no help to the Green campaign.

Unless you are flying around America to most people it doesn't make any difference what kind of clothes Michael J. Fox is wearing.

As for Bush and 9/11, excuse me but her waves that bloody shirt around incessantly and to win any issue he is going after, especially egregious considering the botched job running up to the attack. The press doesn't jump on him enough.


McBride also couldn't resist digs at Max Cleleand and Tammy Duckworth, either. I guess in her world, people missing parts--or sons or husbands or health--shouldn't be seen or heard from in public. What a piece of work she is.


why is this troll employed by a journalism program at a public university? I wonder what her students think of her?


I wonder if Jessica realizes that Fox picked up the tab for those ads in other states? (Kentucky, to name one). That would make Fox's ads self-expoitative. Is there such a thing?

And because you inquired kt, Jessica's students had (have?) a myspace blog in her honor. We ran a post about it back in June at Watchdogmilwaukee.com.

Chris Jacobs

That link was hilarious- sounds like an obnoxious class. She is such a windbag on the air. Unfortunately, since Brewer games have ended, she gets heard more than anyone can tolerate. I loved when a caller started out her show telling her what a ridiculous deal she was making about the Kerry comment. She made all kinds of liberal assumptions on him, completely unrelated, and he made her act so irrational and such a raving conservative blowhard, I laughed out loud and couldn't stop. The caller made her look like a complete fool, and you could tell she was losing her ground and had to end it and mutter "thank you for the call". What's funny is that she tries to come across as thinking that her thoughts are so "obviously logical" with her righty tighty "spin" of the issues, but most of the time she is outrageously flawwed.

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