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October 31, 2006



Maybe this a cry from Paddy for us all to chip in and buy him a copy of Lynne Cheney's book "Sisters."


I know Jennifer Morales. Ms. Morales is a neighbor of mine. Her son is a friend of my son's. Mr. McIlheran is certainly no Jennifer Morales (heh)

McIlheran can only pretend to have had the positive impact on the community that Ms. Morales has had.

What a tool.


McIlheran probably picks on lesbians because if he picked on the guys, he's afraid he'd get beaten up.

Wake Up

By the way, folks...Bryan Kennedy has admitted (to the FEC) using the UWMs tax-payer supported resouces to support his own private campaign (see the FEC enforcement page!)...yet no charges...hmm, sober up Peggy!

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