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November 28, 2006



The more she writes, the deeper in it she gets. Wow.

McBride's problem--and she is far from the only one with this issue--is that she doesn't acknowledge what the rest of the world knows: that the Iraq War is no longer the United States versus anybody. The US is barely a party to the fighting that's going on at all. The vast majority of the fighting now is a particularly deadly manifestation of the centuries-old conflict between Sunni and Shia, with US soldiers caught in the crossfire. The "government" of Iraq is not unified, but rather a collection of fiefdoms, as each ministry, apportioned to the fighting factions, has its own militia and agenda--again, catching US personnel in literal and intergovernmental crossfire.

Under those conditions, how in the hell can the US achieve any kind of "victory" any more? Explain that, Jessica. Explain that.


This cheese stunk from the second W served it up.

It is one thing like many Democrats to admit they were wrong. Then we have the McBride of Chuck who is too stubborn to own up the horrible mess Bush created.


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