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April 10, 2007


Paul Robeson

And let's not forget this gem from the pre-trial phase: Biskupic invoked U.S. v. Rosenberg (yes, THAT Rosenberg case) to support his arguments. Check out Hurley's reply:



A couple of more intersting questions:

Question: "Why did Peg and Brian sign on to such a weak case?"

Answer: Bisk conned them. He needed them for cover in the event that the case against Georgia went south. He conned them into thinking it was a non-political case and dazzled them with the possibilities under the US Criminal Code, so they bought in. Now everybody's got egg on his or her face. When the jury at the trial level convicted, nobody was more surprised than Bisk; when the Seventh Circuit reversed, Bisk probably expected it.

Question: Why did Bisk prosecute Georgia in the first place?

Answer: He got pressure from Karl-baby and the RNC over lack of action against voter fraud by those nasty Dems, and he saw an opportunity to get Karl and the RNC off his back by going after Georgia. He didn't expect to convict with such a weak case, but at least he could tell Karl he was trying. After all, Bisk reads the papers, he saw what happened to Carol Lam in San Diego, and to the US Attorneys in New Mexico when US Sen. Pete Dominici (R-NM) but his knickers in a knot, and in Arkansas. Bisk was thinking "job security."

Question: What happens next in America's Dairyland State?

Answer: Nothing. The heat from Karl and the RNC is temporarily off Bisk, but the US Senate might want to bring him in for a chat, complete with hand on Bible, etc. Peg and Brian will have plenty of explaining to do; the last thing they want to do now is admit they were conned by Bisk to participate in such a weak case, so they have to praise him.


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