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April 09, 2007



For the record, I have received a number of sympathetic and supportive emails from the right side of the blogosphere, including Owen Robinson, James Wigderson, and Christian Schneider, as well as from some fellow travelers.

Molly has been in treatment since soon after her arrest, but addiction is a
devastating illness, and it will continue to be a long haul.

Thanks to all for their good wishes.


Here's the difference:

Ms. Christofferson is admitting that she has a problem and is trying to change.

Ms. McBride is neither admitting that she has a problem, nor is she trying to change.

'Nuff said.


Email the honchos of Journal Communications to take down from the TMJ website that despicable entry on its blogs:

STEVEN SMITH, Chairman of the Board

PAUL KRITZER, Legal and Secretary

A Friend

I was in treatment with Molly and she is a bright, articulate woman who had the courage to admit she has a Illness that required treatment. Yes, and Illness. Addiction is not something that we seek nor want. Our brains are chemically different than those of "normal" social users. Weather it be drugs or alcohol or working out or our work, our brain tells us to push it to the next level. Not our fault, but it can be devistating to those we love and care about, those we work for, and left untreated, it will kill us. When Molly admitted she was powerless and control was an illusion, she asked for help. Yes, what happened was unfortunate, but lets give credit to a person with ties to an elected office, for doing the right thing, white washing nothing, facing her demons (which seem to be many) and ultimately getting help. Happy Birthday.

never tell

McBride is showing signs of "jumping the shark." Let's hope she doesn't make us all suffer too long.

never tell


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