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May 19, 2007



Now this vitrol and hate spewing Coulter Wannabe, should be removed from the UW faculty.
Our kids don't need to be exposed to such hate speech.

Dennis Miller won't sell....listeners are pretty much done with the conservative hate talk. They are looking for intelligent and qualified discussion of the issues, and not the personal attack machines that Mc Bride, Sykes, Rush and the neochronic right have impailed themselves on.

You gotta love a progressive society, they'll give anything a chance and then move on.


Yes, I agree with gooticket, Mcbride-bucher should not "teach" basic journalism. (Wait, does UWM have a J dept???) If so, she should not be out there. She has no clue that she has violated basic moral codes. (I've not heard of an apology and her spin people must be on vacation?)

She never really learned journalism 101 and ethics. Perhaps she could freelance for Star mags or get paid to write a blog?

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