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May 28, 2007



This one (courtesy of the Google Cache) was my favorite:


I was dumbfounded to read Jessica's rant, PR101A-D! I can just see her madly typing away at 3am. Sad. Very sad. I doubt Sykes would advise Jessica to take that down. Sykes is probably creating distance from Jessica as she digs her own hole. (OK, that's my PR101 suggestion for Sykes: Stay away from McBride. She is going a little nuts.)Perhaps her husband, a lawyer, suggested she do a heavy duty edit of her writing so she doesn't lose some MORE family income. Although I beg UWM to find someone much more qualified to shape young minds. FYI--Her syllabus is filled with typos and she talks about herself more than anything in class! (Ask anyone at the UWM Post who had to endure her.) And, as we all know, that's the least of it.


After reading her suggestion to contact Tom Parker at WTMJ radio, I sent a note thanking him for excising her show and questioning the logic behind putting her on the airwaves to begin with. Tom responded and asked that I listen to the Miller show and report back. I hope he doesn't hold his breath.


Hehe, Jessica as a journalism teacher is a joke. If you go to www.frontpagemilwaukee.com you'll see the value of the journalism department at UMW. Last I checked, paragraphs were intended to be longer than a sentence in length. Additionally, when writers for this webpage respond to comments made by other posters they are too chicken to use their real name rather than an alias, (that means you "bgkob" Kyle O'Boyle). What I find most entertaining about these kid journalists is their ever-loving devotion to using webpages as source documents rather than real books or articles written by real newspapers to support their pathetic arguments.

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