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May 15, 2007



I agree with you. but I'd include the Demobloggers in the contradiction too. With McGee there was a universal public spanking but with Falwell just lot of joy. Now I care little for either, but neither are they news for me.

Watchdog Milwaukee

Wow. You really laid it on the line. You've earned your title "the Brawler". Nice job on the well thought out summation of Falwell's positions.


Nate ... Huh?

btw: What is a Demoblogger ... blogger auditions?


Good job summarizing Falwell's view of Christianity in the world. I'm reminded of pictures of people holding signs saying, "God hates fags" and thinking, how can God hate anything? Hate seems to be a human construct to me. I have a hard time imagining a "celebration in heaven" over the "annihilation" of anything. I found the best exposition (exegesis?) of the God I was taught about in the Onion article following 911. As you may recall, it is the transcript of God's press conference. After becoming very angry about the idea of violence done in His name, he wept. Jerry Falwell and his ilk are windbags who, in my opinion, have twisted the original idea of Christianity. According to a once-common bumper-sticker, "Jesus is returning and boy, is he pissed!"

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