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May 24, 2007



The Brawler does a fine job dissecting McBride's petty self-defense. If she were on my team, I'd sit her on the very end of the bench until we stopped losing.

Let me be very clear on this...no wait. Let me be honest here...oh, never mind. Whatever.


Jessie--Take time off. Be with your husband and daughter. There are second chances but timing, time OFF to smell the roses, is important. I am writing from my late father's grave. He was a champion of women...Personally, you messed up and should have said you are sorry. But since you can't, take time off. From UWM, too.

John Williams

Great work as usual on all your posts. I won't comment on your already excellent analysis. But I will comment on one thing. Jessica claims her blog is "widely read." Huh?... how does she know that? Because of the counter on the bottom of her page? Well that's an absurd counter of her blog being "widely read". it simply means that someone clicked on her page. It could be that 125,000 of those clicks were by her political enemies. She is counting those as fans, I guess.

And, furthermore, just because a person clicks on the page doesn't mean they READ the blog. For instance, I personally have clicked on the link to her page probably more than a dozen times this weekend, only to see it has not changed since Friday. Each of those clicks counts as "reading" the blog? Ah, no. I did not read a thing each time!

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