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June 22, 2007



Why there's more talk lately about the Fairness Doctrine: a new study shows 91% of talk radio is conservative. More here: http://www.uppitywis.org/shutting-up-the-progressives


Of course what feeds the right is the argument that the media is left leaning. Of course the truth is never very kind to the right wing.

da one

(sorry I ramble a bit, sorry first post)

So should the fairness doctrine be put in place for newspapers too. The JS constantly ran hit pieces on Doyle and then the editorial page supported Doyle - is that the fairness and balance needed? I can see ISN running into trouble because they are running conservative talk all day during prime time 6a-7p and after prime too. TMJ at least breaks up the day with actual news in morning & afternoon drive with Jagler, Mueller & Cianciola. I'm just worried that every fringle group is going to want to get their fair time on the air. Where does gov't draw the line? Should a KKK group be allowed time on WMCS so there perspective is given in fair light? Should 529 groups be allowed to air commericals on talk radio? Isn't that unfair to candidates who don't have supporting 529's? xoff ran plenty from his group on talk radio (sorry xoff you ran to many adds and got sick of hear the same ads all the time). Should all canidates be given free commercial time on radio stations? Should it only be news/talk? If Doyle or xoff's 529 could afford commercials on bob & Brian (#1 morning show) should the green party candidate get just as many commercials at no cost to be fair to the green party? Does it stop with news talk, a lot more people listen to FM radio than newstalk.

I'm sorry I'm just a little worried about the gov't deciding what is fair and what groups and people get to have thier opinion air.

da one

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