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June 07, 2007



Cost-benefit analysis: Shoplifting costs us all a lot. So let's depress the number of shoppers.

Let's especially focus on those most likely to shoplift. Let's make them show ID not just at the entry of a mall, and not just some of the time. Nope, let's stop them and make them show ID at the entry of any and every store, all of the time. . . .

And if they don't have IDs, and they can't afford the cost-benefit result of taking off from work to get IDs at understaffed state agencies, tough.

Fewer shoppers means fewer shoplifters. If the logic works for democracy, it ought to work for capitalism -- and to heck with laissez faire, letting businessowners decide that systems they put in place to curtail shoplifting reduce the crime to acceptable levels.

If they don't like it, close their doors. The Shark should love the logic of it.


great post. while i know nothing about your local politics, you can take this post and stick almost anywhere in the country. just change the name of the local guy writing about why we need voter ID to stop the imaginary voter fraud and your golden. thx for posting.

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