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August 26, 2007



As pointed out in a number of lefty blogs in the Cheddarsphere, the fact that Scott Walker has no credible opposition is probably more likely due to the fact that it's the summertime. Heck, if I remember correctly, David Reimer didn't declare his candidacy until 5 months before the election, and he still managed to raise a nice amount of money.

I'm sure folks would like to believe Scott Walker won't have a credible challenger, but I'm willing to bet that folks smell blood in the water. As you mentioned, Chris Kujawa - the wannabe Walker crony - lost a Supervisor race in a district that probably would have been very favorable to his brand of politics in years past, which only goes to show the level of dissatisfaction folks have with Scott Walker.


The thing that is truly exasperating is that Walker acknowledges that the County needs a new funding source, i.e. higher taxes or a sales tax. This is evidenced by his more than willing approach to creating a parks district with taxing authority and wanting to pawn off the transit system to a regional system with a taxing authority. If he was truly anti-tax increase, he would hold onto these systems in his stranglehold until they were utterly destroyed.

Needless to say, his loyal fan club, Sykes, Belling, MSJ, et al, will never admit to that.

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