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August 14, 2007



HSA's are the biggest scam since the turn away from pensions towards "self-regulated" retirement accounts.

1) This country has one of the lowest savings rates in its history. We are a consumer "spend, spend, spend" nation. Few people have the extra money to place in tax sheltered HSA's for that moment when they most need them.

2) I look at my folks who have worked 40 years each. Now in retirement, my Dad works a job so they can afford to pay the monthly premiums until Medicare kicks in. NEITHER ONE will go to a Dr. though because the deductible is $3000.00! They cannot afford to pay 3 grand of anything.

3) The stock market's tumble has cost them thousands of their retirement. My Dad a once stern Democrat has been turned into a raving conservative. Why? Because as the the market goes so goes his future.

This is how HSA'a and 401k's are connected (in my mind) You get the masses to "belive" that they have control over their destiny. While in reality they have even less control than before. Now with your entire life wrapped up in tax sheltered market driven accounts one cannot afford to look at any other alternative because once again as the market goes so goes your future.

This is the hook. A very smart one I might add. Our futures are connected with the very corporations that demand we spend money with them so that the market will continue to improve so that our futures will be stable. There is no station for this train to stop at!


Didn't Dave have a piece in the paper yesterday?


Ben Masel

Vukmir's "Consumer control" does not apply when the consumer, and physician, deem cannabis the appropriate treatment. She's vowed that any medical marijuana legislation won't get so much as a hearing while she chairs the Health Committee. Doc Hines has promised at least a hearing if the Speaker steers the bill, scheduled for introduction Sept. 18, to the Public Health Committee.

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