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August 21, 2007



Why doesn't the WMC demand more disclosure NOW? Why aren't carriers and hospitals alike offering more NOW? Why in the world would the Healthy Wisconsin proposal have to be defeated in order for these things to occur? The answer of course is that they will never occur.


It has become more than clear that WMC stands for Weapons of Mass Confuscation. Or, to save a few syllables, Mass Crap. This survey, well picked apart here, is just more of the same from WMC.

It has become an evil organization, at least its administration, and they apparently just get rubber-stamped by a board that, from their resumes, ought to be smarter. So it just must be a line on their resumes (read: Milwaukee Public Museum board and where that went).

And particularly of concern, considering that several board members are from Milwaukee (at least their offices; they probably live in the burbs), but WMC's anti-Milwaukee bias continues.

Look up the board members (online) and do not patronize their businesses, law firms, etc., at least. It's harder to avoid all the businesses of all the members, but at least hold the board accountable -- and let them know why -- for letting WMC's administrators try to run and ruin this state.

Jack Lohman

What else would you expect. Club for Growth gets substantial funding from the insurance industry, just as does the Fraser and Heritage Institutes. Too bad. Healthy Wisconsin is good for Wisconsin businesses but the trade associations are trying to block it despite its members best interests. As well, they actually sell and profit by employee health insurance. Could there be a severe conflict of interest. Where are their member's heads?

Jack Lohman

WMC demand disclosure? Why doesn't it disclose to its members its own internal conflicts of interest? Insurance companies, hospitals, and its own insurance sales department! As a former CEO I quit WMC years ago because of its bias towards Philip Morris. Todays members should do the same.

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