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November 01, 2007


John Foust

Owen's claim is utterly false. I ask him to show evidence to support it or rescind that accusation. He would ask the same of me or anyone else who impugned his character this way. He's got the logs. Let's see his proof or even his suspicions.

Like any blog, B&S isn't free of sock puppets. E.g., on October 28 in the "Bad Dog" thread, an obvious sock puppet (or anonymous whistleblowing no-taxes patriot, if you prefer) mocks my comments and imitates my name, yet prompted no action by either jodphurs-loving admin.


Let my people go!

I mean, let John back in!

Seriously. Has B&S become RDW now that people get kicked out for nothing? I think Jed or Owen has a big case of "me defending the honor of the womenfolk!" and not so much thought going on about what the situation is.


I see in today's Journal that Americans For Prosperity might have stepped in some doggy-doo by advocating against the City of West Bend school referendum, without following the law to register. Owen has been the "point" man for the anti-referendum forces, with his weekly columns in the Daily News. Is he not connected with the Americans For Prosperity group (looking at your previous post re the rally in Madison)? Is there some connection that the Daily News should be disclosing?

His columns were also the jumping off point for the Tony Turner campaign for alderman in West Bend - there was a little "dust-up" because Turner was handing out campaign materials at the county fair that did not have the proper disclosure on them.

John Foust

I suspect that no evidence is forthcoming from Owen. From my perspective, that's because there is none. He's made an unsupportable accusation and he has no way to save face and surely little motivation to rescind my IP banning. Yes, I can't even read B&S from the entire block of 32 static IPs allocated to my ISP business.

Sorry, Brawler, no teapot tempest worthy of cheddared popcorn... Just another example of Owen doing to others what he would not allow to be done to himself.

And yes, Scott, I am sure that my core mistake was in confronting Wendy by suggesting that what she was saying about anonymity was not true. As any man knows, number one rule, don't piss off the wife. If this hadn't been the "last straw" for Owen, sure something else surely would have.

It's also completely a coincidence that two events took place within the same 24-hour period: First I was booted from B&S. Two, my parody site www.BootsAndKittens.com was praised by none other than Widgerson with the headline "I love this web site."

Perhaps I can take the time saved from not posting to B&S and use it to improve B&K instead. I've updated the site this morning with a new crop of stories. Top story, Owen's AFP debacle. Ah, the life of the pathetic blogger!

Kris Beaver

I have just voluntrily discontinuedmy particpation in B&S for tsome of the ame reason listed above.

If someone makes an accusation there it must be backed up with facts that are irrefutable or you will be called a typical lefty or worse. Recently I posted a comment that said about the same things as stated above about the AFP calling in West Bend. Wendy prompltly told me I was "full of shit." when I asked about the response that would be coming form management Owen provided a nonanswer. Owen claims to be a man of god with high moral and ethical standards, but I guess they have to be standards that he is comfortable holding himself and his wife to.


Update - AFP calls are not in violation of the law - although perceived to be anti referendum in tone by anyone with an IQ higher than 70, they are considered "educational", not advocacy. Whatever!

Second round of calls from AFP feature none other than the sultry voice of Wendy Robinson!



Corrected 2nd link:


Get on it, John Faust!


Facts or consistency are not needed in Owen's world. Nor is a picture that wasn't taken as a freshman in college but that's another story. A while back he expressed opposition to Milw Co Board allowing a referendum on the parks sales tax. It serves no purpose, he said, since it was non-binding. But a year earlier he praised the state wide NON-BINDING referendum as giving the people a chance to be heard. Asked in the comments, twice, to clarify a change or heart or opinion on non-binding referendums he never responded.

james wigderson

I actually allow commenters to adopt multiple "anonymous" identities. I draw the line at pretending to be an actual person. It is pretty funny how people think I can't tell.

To me, the only real reason to ban anyone is libel.

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