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January 10, 2008


Renee Crawford

I agree with much of your premise but...

You stated that "the biggest problem in Milwaukee would be felons voting".

This so misses the point!

The biggest problem with Wisconsin's electoral system is that we are spending $20 million to keep felons from voting for often years while living, working, raising families and paying taxes in Wisconsin!

In IL, MI, IN, OH, PA and 9 others states felons are automatically restored their right to vote upon release from prison.

In Maine and Vermont, they bring the voting booths into the prisons and EVERYONE VOTES.

Research shows that felons who vote, reoffend at a substantially lower rate...

This is a state by state issue and Wisconsin could choose to save $20 million taxpayer dollars, and a lot of hassle and frustration on the part of state employees in the Election Commission as well as our American Democracy Heroes the poll workers trying to sort all this out on election day.

Its expensive, unnecessary, racially biased and most importantly un-American to deny citizens the right to vote. Last I heard, we fought a war over taxation without representation!


Why the hell does the MJS op-ed insist on giving us wall-to-wall Paddy?

If this is to attract more readers in the authoritarian burbs forget it. Despite evidence to the contrary (and these are people who as we know don't respond well to evidence to any kind) these folks who spend four fours on a Saturday mowing their lawns will not pick up a MJS subscription, while at the same time the MJS is making themselves look like fools to the rest of us for running this moron non-stop.

But we are the one's who oddly buy the paper.

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