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January 07, 2008



Ok, I can see why you went with Catholic instead of capper for the C. But to put weasel-boy over Whallah! for the W?!?!


John Foust

Aww, nothing for the hypocrisy about government subsidies for businesses? Nothing about the inner contradiction of wishing for continuous growth coupled with the shock about the rising costs of government services? Don't know much about history? Don't know much about doubling periods, either. The irony of complaining about the partisanship of one group in a press release from another highly partisan organization? We need a longer alphabet.

And "M" wasn't for "mean"? Did you see Fred's recent statement (in the comments on the Jan. 2 Ron Paul post on RDW) that it's impolite and against his RDW rules to use any nickname for his brilliant, prominent blogger friend - the one who's well known for creating nicknames for people? Nicknames are personally hurtful, he said. Who knew! His blog, his rules, OK by me.

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