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February 10, 2008


John Foust

I think Owen has shown admirable restraint. I know B&K is on his mind, every time he posts. "I wonder how Boots and Kittens will spin this, if I feature this pull-quote of what might otherwise be seen as a poop/retard/gun/Italian joke." Yet the nuggets still arrive. Yes, that's what makes B&K so easy and such fun. There's been no thaw that I know of. All he'd have to do is admit that his claim is untrue - that he had no evidence to support his claim that I was sock-puppeting, and the thaw would begin.

For example, look at the 2/4 post where Owen says of his appearance at the AFP circle-jerk: "Sorry to disappoint, but I’ve been told that full frontal nudity has been prohibited. I’ll have to go with my backup plan." What on Earth would make him think that, and then say it out loud? All I had to do was change the last two words to be a link to a Google image search for "ass chaps" instead. Instant comedy gold, at least of the middle-school humor variety we use at B&K. Almost as good as his "Cruisin'" post. It's not every day you get to make a cockatoo joke without referencing Liberace.

In response to Chattering P-Diggity's criticism that B&K unfairly twists the words of the O.G. (the Original GOP3 - Owen, Wendy and Jed), I created texasholdemblogger.com, which puts the THEB in the spotlight. Noun-verb-Shrillary! Noun-verb-Doyleone! Add it to your blog rolls, kids! It creates new posts every time you visit, composed entirely of quoted random headlines and phrases uttered by the slammin', rappin', poet of THEB, the man who says I would have sex with a horse in a post slyly titled "Memo to the Idiots on the Hate Left." No editing, just pure random THEB - and it still sounds exactly like him!

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