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February 28, 2008



And what, precisely, is your point?

Generally, when other bloggers reprint comments offered in response to one of our posts, yet not necessarily referencing any content within the original post itself, they try to have a point.

Other than your small-font sarcasm (which only you are likely to see humor in) what is your point, exactly?


Frankovis is the Prince Phillip of Milwaukee. If 8 other guys had passed on taking the Chief's job then Glen would have had his shot at it.

Bruce's posts are generally worth reading and Patrick is usually thoughtful enough, but the comment threads over there make the Lord Of The Flies look like drawing room humor.


If Bruce has to ask what the point of the post is after reading their profound words, I suspect he is blind to the powerful force that is sarcasm, and he should remove the towel wrapped around his head.

Three readers? Switch to baseball blogging. :)


"The towel wrapped around my head?"

Seriously, WTF are you talking about? Pull your head out of your arse.


Blind ... towel covering eyes. Bruce can't see, and doesn't understand sarcasm, so he resorts to being crude. Yeah, pretty worthwhile reading.

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