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March 19, 2008


Jim Bouman

The despicable Journal Company bean counter crew persuaded the publisher and editors that "something for everyone" would persuade a new generation of non-readers to start subscribing and reading this less-than-sum-of-its-parts combination of the Sentinel and the journal.


Now, they have alienated the long-time readership of either or both of the predecessor publications.

They put out an editorial page of bizarre "quick hit" banality, tinged with the smartass recycling of the rightwing blogosphere's worst sludge, channeled by Patrick--pride-of-Elkhorn--McIlheran.

I seldom agreed with either the Sentinel of the Journal, but I subscribed to both. I read them both.

I wouldn't give you a nickel for either today.

That's my personal contribution to the diminished "goodwill" of the Journal Sentinel. I'm happy to do my part in expressing my contempt (the opposite of goodwill) for this wretched pandering rag.

"Please, please..." I beg the McLatchy folks. "PLEASE offer the Journal Sentinel clowns a few bucks to let go of this pitiful rag".

Bitter Young Hack

Brawler -- Sounds like they're planning on losing the Brewers broadcast rights. It may already be a done deal.

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