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March 01, 2008



Maybe the investigators applied common-sense when they came to that conclusion.

Sounds kind of obvious - doesn't it?

Show an ID when you register to vote, you are you, you cast a ballot. Seems easy enough.

Perhaps Flynn could change departmental policy directing arresting officers to accept a copy of a utility bill in lieu of ID to establish positive identities.

Imagine finding out that you have a criminal record because someone grabbed your gas bill from the trash.


Whether there was collusion or not, it's pretty clear these rogue cops released it to the right-wing and the GOP for maximum effect. Did you notice that there was no official release by the department, but it was announced by Sykes and National Review?


Here's the thing that really grates me on this.

We have an obvious problem with violent crime in some parts of the City of Milwaukee.

How many man hours did these guys spend on this when the collateral damage (OK, a gratuitous nod to Arnie)from this violence has gone unchecked?

I would much rather feel safe walking down the street at any time in any place in the city I grew up rather than spending money on this BS.

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