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March 21, 2008



so... after all that perplexing back-story... where does Esenberg ultimately come down? are you saying that he wants to think black people are genetically predisposed to be dumber than white people? or has it all been just a red herring?

Brew City Brawler

Fleetfooted one:

I have no idea where Esenberg ultimately comes down, and I'm not going to try to look into his heart. He says he

I do think the fact he took seriously Saletan's argument -- that we have to prepare for the possibility that equality of races in intelligence isn't true -- speaks poorly to his judgment. The supposed science that Saletan based this argument on is pure crackpottery -- just as crackpot as the worst of Wright's comments. Arguments like Saletan's have been advanced before and always been shot down. It's hard to believe Esenberg wasn't aware of that and should have applied a bit more skepticism to Saletan's work.

The reaction to James Watson's comments wasn't faith-based -- it was science based.

But given Esenberg thinks that Obama's desire to have a conversation about race is "disingenuous" and he's deeply, deeply concerned about Obama's "typical white person" statement, it's worth remembering that Esenberg thinks a candid discussion about race includes taking seriously the proposition -- unsupported by science -- that white people, as a group, are smarter than black people.

Some might find that a tad more offensive than an off the cuff typical white person remark.


Mainstream heads are hopelessly buried in the politically-correct sand. The latest up-to-date peer-reviewed research is all summarized in Lynn, "Race Differences in Intelligence," and the supporting evolutionary rationale is well-described in Hart, "Understanding Human History." Identification of actual gene combinations corresponding to different levels of intelligence is progressing, and will settle this issue decisvely. Slate higher-ups forced Saletan to retract because they didn't want the inevitable hopeless flak and advertising boycotts, etc...

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