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June 24, 2008


John Foust

Isn't this an age-old debate about how to help the poor? There are so many who want to have the right to place an indefinite number of sanctions and interferences on the lives of the recipients, in exchange for whatever charity they're giving. It's as if they're building a list of all the reasons to justify not to help: you're too fat, your hair is too nice, you have cable, pretty clothes, etc. It's the very same "We know what's good for you" attitude that the conservatives are always using to lambast the liberals when they've proposed to interfere in personal freedoms to smoke, eat trans-fats, etc. Who Would Jesus Help, and How? Is the focus on the helping, the values inculcation, or the strings that the method can require?


Good insight, Brawler. Poor coddled rich white male Sykes doesn't seem to get that other people have different situations.


Great comment. Sykes is a joke.


Um, have you taken a look around? 9 paid sick days a year? Sick days are great, but it should be up to the business to offer this to keep a quality workforce.. not mandated by the government. Since this has passed, it has created one new buisness that I know of for sure in Milwaukee. This business helps other business oweners move OUT of the city of Milwaukee. Bye Bye jobs.. Good luck.. Let us know how that entitlement works for ya. As for the moochers.. what a joke!! Did you see these people standing in line.. How about not getting the $200 hair makeover.. there's some cash for food. How about not having the latest I-phone I saw these people on while in line.. there's some cash for food. How about laying off the $50.00 you spent getting your fancy nails done? Or the women that were there putting the free vouchers in there COACH purses!! (me hears those cost quite a bit).. some even blasted the program because they were not getting their FREE STUFF FAST ENOUGH!! And that they would be late for their SPA APPOINTMENTS!! (was Charlene Hardin in line??) Laughable.. but thats the mentality.. if its free.. its for me!!! There were countless stories of the people who most were in need of the vouchers being pushed out, or to the rear of the line and ending up not getting any of them. Lets see.. a government entitlement program, missing it's mark, and ending up wasting money... Haven't we seen this movie before??

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