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July 29, 2008


Keith Schmitz

Conservatives like to be abused.

Not to say Favre was abusing us intentionally and I love the guy, but there was abuse nevertheless.

I'm talking about the past seasons where Farve would end it pondering retirement. I don't live and die on football but there were a lot of fans who are more mentally invested and that's their right.

So in effect Favre, knowingly or not, stopped being a team player and started playing with the fan's feelings with the annual soap opera.

And he also played with the team management. Football teams are rather intricate organizations and not knowing what Favre would do at the close of each season was more stress on the coaching staff than was necessary.

The ironic part is if some company employee would posture like Favre, you would be hearing Rick,Kevin Fischer and the rest screaming to high heaven about that person's entitlement attitude.

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