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July 13, 2008



And the answer is: misinformed AND hopelessly partisan.


Brew City Brawler

Let's see...Bluster from Brookfield backed by bogus arguments? Unnh...could it be Dad29 sockpuppeting?

Regardless...if you're throwing out the "misinformed" label it might help to make a germane argument. The yellow cake the story mentions was kept under lock and key for more than a decade and was such a non-casus-belli that even the Bush Administration didn't raise it.

Andy Vance

This oft-repeated canard, from RE's first post, is every bit as simplistic and sophistic as he claims the bumper sticker is: "Every intelligence service thought he still had - or was reconsituting [sic] his WMD program."

I wonder if the good professor could name a single assertion about "WMD" that was shared by every intelligence service.

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