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August 04, 2008




The Messiah should be well ahead right now. This is a very bad year for Republicans. We all know that.

Yet, your purple-lipped clown cannot close the deal.

It's pretty simple, really. He is an empty suit who cannot utter a complete thought once he steps away from his teleprompters


Ooooooh! A concern troll and a racist at the same time. Brawler, you're hitting the big time!

Man, are these twits desperate or what?

Brew City Brawler

My suspicion is that the commenter was attempting to make a joke related to the effect of drinking red wine on one's lips...though that could be generous on my part.

But yes,they are desperate.

Henry Dubb

Look further down. They cut the income off at $27,000. While I personally would fit into this category, many working class folks would be above it.

Sounds like Wash PO is playing a numbers game. This segment of the working class has always been strongly Democratic.

I will not vote for Obama and am certain he will get no one health care. I have much confidence with McCain and a strongly Democratic congress.

Brew City Brawler

You've got to be kidding re Prez McCain and significant health care reform. Please break down that scenario.

That said,I'd be interested in you math for a strongly democratic congress+Obama defeat. I think it's an unlikely scenario, but it's an infinite universe, so all things are possible, right?

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