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September 06, 2008



Why can’t Palin answer questions to local media, or even do a town hall?

I wanna know why she says that she opposed the bridge to nowhere when she campaigned for it and then took the money from the US to add more pork to her welfare state.

I wanna know why she says she’s against earmarks when she paid a lobbyist to get $27 million in pork for her town and STILL LEFT HER TOWN $20 MILLION in DEBT

The point is that she is a LIAR, like GEORGE BUSH, or BILL CLINTON.

The point is, that McCain has a 10% chance of dying his first year in office, and we’re supposed to let this LIAR run the country?


The Republic's opened this can of worms with Clinton. To think that it's fair game to dig back years before the election to nitpick gubernatorial decisions...I love watching history repeat itself.

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