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October 04, 2008



"condescending pastiche of how "regular folks" talk.

Excuse me? You apparently don't know how we talk. The over-the-top condemnation of her vernacular is unmerited. What I heard coming from Sarah is a friend across the kitchen table. The elite apparently had a problem with that. But the only politician whose speaking ever made me cringe was John Kerry - when recordings of his decades old testimony before a Senate committee surfaced during his run for the presidency. That New England elitist tone, so different than the way he speaks today, gave me the creeps. "Phony" is the word that immediately came to mind. If it was a real speech pattern and not just a "put on" act to appear distinguished, why does he not have that same tone today?

Do you honestly think I would condemn someone for using the "gonna?" Give me a break. The middle class has just as much right to speak and vote as the elite do. Do I care if foreign dignitaries wouldn't like it? No. She represents me - who I am.
Further, I think foreign dignitaries will love her just as much as we do, because they remember how well their condescending attitude toward Princess Di went over.


illusory tenant

Another thing about that post: Biden was comparing military spending in Iraq with foreign aid for civil infrastructure to Afghanistan, I believe. "Building that country," as he put it.

On its face it may seem like an apples to oranges comparison but it's hardly "utter nonsense," especially when you're seeking to rectify what you perceive as an imbalance in spending -- and the objects of that spending -- between the two countries.

In other words, we're spending far too much in Iraq on the wrong things and not nearly enough in Afghanistan on the right ones.

Apparently Prof. Rick was unfamiliar with Biden's position from the outset and took his statement far too literally.

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