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November 09, 2008



PaddyMac does like it refreshingly caustic and pungent.



Not only did BadgerBlogger ignore the death threat and instead just promote his new blog, they banned my IP address from even reaching their site for calling them on it.

Check out the comments where Patrick immediately has a tantrum and threatens to delete my comments.

The funniest part is he then objects to someone suggesting Peter be kept on a short leash, calling it "speech police", while at the same time he is banning people who disagree with him.

John Foust

I believe Peter apologized for the chihuahua remark. However, that's flushed down the memory hole with the rest of it. He never got around to apologizing for suggesting that I'd like to have sex with a horse. Darn, now I can't even link to that old post, either. Perhaps this flushing is just Peter's way of apologizing for all his past deeds. Perhaps his new blog will be better. Whoops, no, I just read his new blog and it's pretty much the same. I guess we'll just need to rely on his ability to generate new amazingly bizarre posts.

Meanwhile, there's always my Texas Hold 'Em Blogger Parody.

John Foust

Now Badger Blogger says that Peter said something inappropriate at Drinking Right, too, but he didn't say what it was...


If you want to see Patrick, Peter, Mickey and others really get testy, try posting little factoids about Jeni Reisinger of Sheboyganshenanigans.com. They sure don't like the truth to get out about their little Sheboygan toady who some of us fondly call "LIEsinger."

They continue to applaud her and link to her blog even though she's crossed the line so many times with her defamatory bloggings. Then she blocks the targets of her defamation and deletes their comments when they try to set the record straight.

Probably why the city is counter-suing her. I'm sure they're looking into her right wing Milwaukee connections, too.


don't bother commenting on Righteous Right Said Fred's blog. in his comments i called him out for his failure to condemn Peter's wish for a terrorist attack. now the comments section of that post have been scrubbed. "real debate" indeed. what an ass.


I just had another post deleted on Badgerblogger. Here's what I posted (Wow. This is SO offensive!):

"So typical of these right-wing blogs. Someone challenges you a little and they get called a "troll" and banned so you're only surrounded by your adoring cheerleaders.

How pathetic."

Roland Melnick

"I just had another post deleted on Badgerblogger."

I'm a moderator/commentor at BB. What name and/or email did you post this under? I will check to see if it was actually deleted or lost in our spam filter. If you email me, I will look into it.

Roland Melnick


My post showed up right away, then was deleted later.

I've had numerous posts deleted in the past.
Badgerblogger mods, along with Peter and Mickey, protect Jeni LIEsinger like they're running some sort of cyber-syndicate.


The only credible death threats coming in now are from members of anti-obortion groups. White Supremacy groups talk a good talk but none are a real present threat.

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