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November 24, 2008



Sykes continues to moan about the deficit that will increase in Obama's term, but not a peep about the the reckless spending by the republicans in the last eight years that resulted in this enormous debt and deficit. Also, the ten billion dollars a month for the Iraq war equates to a million dollars each DAY for the County of Milwaukee. Do the arithmetic: $10 billion per month is more than $300 million per day. Milwaukee County with about a population of one million-- its share is about $1,000,000 PER DAY.
Where is the outrage from all the people yammering about school spending or other govenment spending? By the way-- Sykes and others who are constantly whineing about the need for "less government" ought to consider living in Somalia.


To paraphrase my alterego: "I'd like to talk to Sykes, but with his schizophrenia, I'd have to charge him double rates."



"the Sidney Freedman of the hate left" is so going on my wall of fame comments. Thank you, thank you very much.

David Livingston

This sick day thing will probably pan out somewhere between the conservative data that people take 1.8 days and Charlie's 9 days as soon as possible.

First the survey data probably did not include hard core inner city types who had 9 days coming to them. So certainly expect some abuse.

Most people when negotiating their employment usually have a sick day clause that is tied in with short term and long term disability.

However people with no skills that can be easily replaced have no negotiating power and they need some protection. Nine days might be extreme but something should be available such as 3 or 5 days.

Some businesses will suffer. Especially those who have business models based on high turnover of employees such as fast food, Wal-Mart etc. Those businesses that cannot afford to keep training workers generally have a reasonable sick day policy and will not be affected.

Some Milwaukee businesses will be at a disadvantage, such as supermarkets that now have to compete with Wal-Mart, Woodmans, Costco, etc that are located just outside the Milwaukee city limits. It was hard before and now its even harder.

Despite the loss of some jobs and businesses, the trade off is a better standard of living for low level workers.

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