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November 05, 2008


John Foust

Sykes is protecting one of his own.



It appears the turniphead has deleted his posts.

Other Side

Now if only Fred Dooley would do the same.

John Foust

Capper! Don't leave us guessing! Which turniphead?


At this pace, Obama's first 100 days is going to wipe out most of the wingnutosphere.

Seriously, though, what Peter wrote is reprehensible and deserves even more of a spotlight. It almost goes without saying, but if this was a liberal blogger there would have been an enormous outcry, not to mention a visit from the authorities.


The turniphead without boots, and I hope like hell, without kittens.

Brew City Brawler

Nah, the comments are still up. Numbers 11 and 12.



Actually, I was referring to his blog posts.

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