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November 09, 2008



Oh, but remember, Frank Lassee is now free to spend the next two years campaigning for the seat.

If the "Right Turn, Clyde," wing wrestles control we could be in for a fun primary in the 8th, too.


Our friend Graul apparently did one hell of a spin job on Reporter Marero. SpongeJohn GardPants (http://www.wisopinion.com/blogs/2005/07/both-sides-want-gardpants-to-butt-out.html) is a politician whose time has passed. Unless some right wingers want to keep subsidizing him through his "business consulting firm" and paying wife Cate Zeuske through The Taxpayers Network for whatever she supposedly does there, GardPants may have to find a job.


What about redistricting after the 2010 census? You can't tell me that they are going to keep Kagen's district alive when we lose a seat in the House, are they?

Brew City Brawler

That's an excellent question, Noonan. Don't have an answer.

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