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December 18, 2008



Hey I stumbled upon this as I was just wondering what this "hack" was up to. I've known him personally...and honestly, if he says something, I tend to then think the opposite to be the right/true thing. Born with a silver (more like platinum) spoon in his mouth he is the perfect example of hatred hiding in "morality" clothing. Hates the poor, hates the gays, hates anything not exactly like him. When I hear friends who are lower middle class moralists spouting out political views similar to his conjured up but some related think tank I try to remind them how these people have no interest in them, their families, or their well-being....but I guess sometimes people don't get it. But don't get me wrong, I hate what he produces, but I don't hate the person...because I have a soul.

JA Hayes

James Sherk is a jerk! He can't help it...he was born with a silver FOOT in his mouth!

A Landrigan

To me it sounds like you libs would rather we all just take your word for the gospel truth. I read these quotes and, if the facts about Keynes are true, I find it difficult to understand your complaint. If some right wing nut job white supremacist came up with an economic theory, you would eviscerate it not on its merits but on the immorality of its creator. Just as you look askance at Sherk's views because of his beliefs, others too might look askance at Keynes' theories because of his beliefs. The road travels both ways.


Thanks for the research. Sherk's a bigger jerk than I thought.
Landrigan - I think Brawler slammed Sherk based on Sherk's innaccuracies, Sherk's claim that Keynes is irrelevant to economics and then Sherk's use of Christian dogma to attack Keynes.
I hope you didn't equate the morality of a white supremacist with the morality of a homosexual

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