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January 23, 2009



"In this economy a $28,000 bike is a luxury few can afford"

There is this interesting thing called "research" that may be helpful for you moving forward. Of H-Ds 32 bikes, 2 are more expensive than $28K. 5 are over $20K. That leaves 27 bikes that are $20K and under. 5 are under $10K. The other 22 bikes are inbetween $10K-20K, most of them residing right around $13k-16K.

So please, before you start spouting off hatred on something, please do your research.


And for $13k you can buy two Japanese standards with better reliability and performance.
There's a reason H-D laid off 1100 people this year.



Re-do YOUR research. The dealers here in Texas are selling very few under 20k, many around 24-30k, and several at 40k.

I'd rather buy an exotic for that price.


I love Harley, I have a Sportster 1200xl but after I grew out of it, it has been a difficult road to upgrade because I lost a lot in a matter of(winter) months. Selling the bike privately is impossible in this economy, why pay for a used bike when you can buy new for a little more. So needless to say I am stuck with the sporty. I am 36 years old and could not see myself ever buying a import but my 18 year old nephew feels like Crotch Rockets are more affordable and cool. I saw the new Sportster 48 with the wider front tire, bobber style but not all young kids are alternative rock kind of kids there are a lot of the hip hop generation, which harley kind of ignores, that don't like that style. I live in a city where harley is King but I never see 15 to 25 young adults cruising the streets of Milwaukee with Harley Davidsons, I do see them more and more cruising 15 to 25 deep on Crotch Rockets, so what does that tell you?

custom motorcycle parts

It is a strategy but might not be the best strategy.

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