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January 23, 2009



Red-neck radio is alive and well in Milwaukee. Today, Sykes had an opportunity to talk about John Thain of Merrill Lynch who squandered millions of dollars in unearned bonuses and extravagant office furnishings (including a $20000 commode)-- just before the Bush bailout of Bank of America that ended in taxpayer funded buyout of Merrill. Instead of shining a light on this abuse, Sykes spent a his time yammering about a woman who was desperate for help in her financial crisis. Instead of honest discussion, there was only pandering to the local red-necked racists. The racist tone was obvious. Helping banks with billions is OK, but an individual in desperate need is to be ridiculed. Maybe we should take up a collection for a one-way ticket for Sykes to go to his idol in Midland, Texas.

illusory tenant

Sykes said: "Sooner or later the black community will get around to talking about personal responsibility."

Er, Harris pleaded guilty back in May '07, just a few months after getting charged. Had six court dates in between, never missed one. How much more responsibility is he supposed to take?

If Sykes believes all this "baby mama" nonsense is so important, then he's actually helping to make Harris's case, that it was an improper consideration at sentencing.

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