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January 07, 2009



Hey, what's a 'family of five'? Wasn't it usually a 'family of FOUR'? I wonder what that extra person does to the math?

John Foust

Follow the logic. I'm going to have fun with this one.

"The path to socialism is paved with a million rational, but selfish decisions." So the inverse is "The path to capitalism is paved with a million irrational but unselfish decisions"? The path to capitalism is paved with rational but unselfish decisions? I can see it now: "But Wendy, I bought this plasma TV for you, so you could watch Your Show during the day. I didn't buy it for me."


That family of five also pays social security, medicare and sales tax, so it's more than a little dishonest for Owen to paint this hypothetical family as selfish freeloaders.

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