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June 18, 2009




This makes my whole month.


Chief Edward Flynn of the Milwaukee Police Department really needs to consider leaving. While it's true that he possesses some talents he obviously lacks the moral courage to simply do the right thing. Too bad. He seemed to hold so much promise. Yet slowly, some insiders have been witnesses to what most have not, could not or would not - and that is an egotistical police manager (not leader) who has already clearly surrounded himself with YES people (as evidenced by a majority of his recommended promoted members) and quite frankly, he has comprised his entire office of women (I've been on his floor at the police headquarters). I'm sure many of us can't wait to see what our hard earned money (tax dollars) will buy in terms of his in-coming (and lovely) Chief of Staff (Judy Pal - Savannah Chatham Metropolitan Police Department in Savannah, Ga.). I'm sure it's a necessity that she be a highly paid (new) city employee even in these times of (existing) employee furloughs. It's time for us citizens of Milwaukee to wake up and hold our elected (and appointed/anointed) officials accountable!


"...write what you know..."

Now that's a funny line!

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