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June 22, 2009


Jim McGuigan

As a former news maker, I can tell you that while Murphy's articles come with an entertainment value, he does take liberties with what he writes and is not beyond impugning the integrity of others if it will cast himself in a better light.

It is interesting, now that Murphy's publication is under fire, that he comes back with a questionable time line in order to deflect attention away from his reporters lack of ethical judgment.

While McBride has taught journalistic ethics at UWM (and clearly doesn't practice what she preaches), Murphy may have benefited from a class or two.


It doesn't matter when the affair occurred. I read the JS story and realized that the affair could have happened well after the story ran in the magazine. But just because she waited to drop her pants until after the story published doesn't mean that her amorous didn't affect the story, which turned out to be influential of the Flynn's public opinion.

"Perceived you instantly - knew you were a good person who does things for the right reason," reads one signed Jessica. "As a result, I began to struggle with the story - having to give time to vitriolic baseless attacks."

That's a pretty good indication, sleeping together or not, that McBride was affected by whatever relationship was there while writing the story.

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