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June 19, 2009


Eddie Leavie

Great find. Don't you love the family values of bubbleheaded Fox News wanna-be chicks who beenfit from GOP affirmative action?

The story to me isn't that it's Flynn having an affair, but that it's with McBride, and the fact that Paul (I Couldn't Convict Mark Chmura) Bucher is cuckolded. It's strong on so many levels.

The Doctor

Flynn must be fired immediately.....anyone with such poor taste in women can't be trusted with the public safety of a city of a half million people!

Law&Order Guy

The Bucher-McBride affair that resulted not only ended his marriage, but ended his plans to run for attorney general in 1998. He did eventually run, with a new wife and new family, but that didn't work out so well. So much for the gubernatorial possibility McBride wrote about,and for her own plans to be first lady.

Maybe there is some justice after all.

Dave Reid

That is a pretty interesting pattern there.


can we get her to write about scott walker?

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