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June 25, 2009


John Foust

How about they don't stop talking about "family values" - but that they begin to reflect reality more accurately and honestly?

How about they discuss their conflict between promise and practice. Discuss their gay relatives and how they're treated within their families. Discuss how you let your daughter's boyfriend sleep over, then discuss your surprise at her getting pregnant, and your surprise at their break-up. Discuss how you fell in love with another woman while you were married. Discuss how hope triumphed over experience and how this led to not one, not two, but three wedding cakes. Discuss why cops and DAs get you all hot and bothered and why this made you go astray. Discuss how this squares with their preaching about "family values" and how they should be made into laws for everyone and every situation, and why this equals more flag-wrapped freedom. Discuss why there are so few non-white non-suburban faces at the WisGOP convention. Their problem is the hypocrisy and denial of reality. (And the inner denials grow and grow, until one day you write a blog post stating that Wisconsin's marriage amendment had nothing to do with homosexuals.)

I wouldn't ask them to stop talking. I'll ask them to reflect on their reality and let their political expressions reflect that reality - and if they don't, they'll rightly be called hypocrites or liars, as they're not telling the whole story of human reality.

As you point out, they don't have a corner on "family values". That's just a political buzzword. It can mean opposition to whatever they desire at the moment. The decay of family values can be trotted out as the cause for anything bad that's happened in the world.

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