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May 27, 2010



wow, your not bias at ALL!

John Foust

To inspire more confidence, perhaps they could design a survey to determine the fraction who can correctly identify Ron Johnson...

Is Ron Johnson:

A. A character in a recent Will Ferrell movie
B. A candidate for Senate, running against Feingold
C. Heir to the S.C. Johnson Wax fortune
D. None of the above

Meanwhile, over at Boots and Kittens, Wendy wonders aloud if Johnson has any substance, and if so, will he project it on her.

Ronald Zahn

Apparently the people of Wisconsin would vote for an unknown rather than a candidate whom they know does not represent their aspirations and beliefs. What's there to doubt here? The people are saying loudly and clearly, "Give us anybody but not Feingold!"

Jake formerly of the LP

You gotta love Rasmussen's cop-out of a "likely voter" technique. In the case of Wisconsin, for example, Ras's likely voter lives in the 262 and has a landline. And Feingold still leads that push-poll....

Seriously, the dude is paid by Faux News to provide polls, which then are reported to drive a narrative for lazy media to follow. His Obama approval levels are 10 points below the combined average of everyone else, and he is 20 POINTS different than anyone else with Rand Paul in Kentucky.

Bottom line, when looking at the Ras poll and then adjusting 10 points for reality's liberal bias, it means Feingold is up 12 on Johnson, Barrett up 3 on Walker, and 8 on Neumann. Sounds about right, and Walker and Johnson won't be capable of gaining any voters once the rest of the state figures out how they roll.

Guy Thompto

Who is Russ Feingold? As I recall, he has one infamous piece of legislation attached to his name - one that has been whittled down to spit in the ocean - but has done little else in his gazillion years in the US Senate.



This is funny, because PPP (a liberal leaning pollster) shows the race as a statistical dead heat as well 45%-43%.

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