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June 21, 2010



A significant difference between this case and the Wink case is that when Bice called Wink, she admitted to doing the deed, making it not only a legitimate news story but also a legitimate employment question.

I have no idea if someone like Bice has contacted Chris, or simply taken a cue from his public statement, but clearly there's been no admission to his having done what CRG's accusing him of. And, given the work that I and others have done to decimate CRG's accusations--and the non-responses reporters are getting from the DA's office--there is a hell of a lot less "there" there to this story than to Wink's.

What will be a real litmus test will be how the traditionally CRG-friendly print media treat CRG for making a complaint to the DA on such specious grounds once it's dismissed.

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