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August 09, 2010



Should we put Scott Walker down as a candidate who will really go after polluters if he is elected as Wisconsin governor?


File a complaint moron.


More likely Sykes and the Walker campaign were in collusion from the start, with Sykes providing the ramp-up to the spot.

He's also fronting for the Ron Johnson campaign, who turned to him after they couldn't interest the real news media in the inane Elizabeth Ackley story.

Jake formerly of the LP

This game by right-wing squawkers is very cynical and disgusting. They bring up some meaningless topic, when halfway legitimate media realize it's a worthless story, they continue to complain and work the refs and claim the media is "biased", when they're in fact showing good judgment in not pursuing a non-story.

Then the media gets intimidated and mentions the meaningless story, giving legitimacy to a story that has one, and by the time the pointlessness of the story is made obvious, the paid hack hosts are onto something else.

The ability to call out lies and use judgment is the biggest reason why Jon Stewart is the most trusted news man in America. It also shows that we need to be pounding these liars at every turn, because they will not play by the rules of decency, most because they can't win if they have to stick to facts. This ain't a Forensics meet.

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