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September 15, 2010



Well, it shouldn't matter one iota, but since you brought it up. I remember once back in the '70s when my older sister put on that much mascara, my dad marched her back into the bathroom and made her scrub it off, accompanied by the admonition "no daughter of mine is going out in public looking like a raccoon!"

Brew city brawler

Spicer: you're right that it shouldn't matter. I was actually more amused by sykes' penchant for calling out the physical attributes of female Republican polls. O'Donnell in Delaware is attractive. Sarah Palin is attractive -- and, he's informed his listeners, that's one of the things that drives libs nuts!


Conservative feminism: http://bit.ly/a1LDGt

Also, who combines family snapshots with a timpani dirge? Gah.


How can you get past that scene with the snow. It looked like a Wisconsin version of "The Shining."

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