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January 31, 2011



McGowan and his union, the roadbuilders, and the Milwaukee firefighters and cops will soon learn the hard way that you just cannot trust a weasel. The only thing that Walker is faithful to is Walker.


Walker saying he won't champion right to work isn't exactly like saying he won't sign it if the legislature passes it.

And the operating engineers are not exactly big labor, although some of their members are big.


Union boss Terry "GOOCH" McGOWAN, Operating Engineers, local 139 Multi-millionaire (from union dues)SUPPORTS WI anti-union Gov Walker. Boss McGowan, like many in his top 2%-3% income class has long supported the regressive toll road tax. McGowan continues to walk hand in hand with his anti-union buddy Gov Walker in support of this toll road tax that will have a devastating effect on the rank and file un/under employed union workers, while the union bosses simply use their union paid credit cards to pay for those peskey tolls. tellfred.com

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