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March 02, 2011


Endif Org

So how long til they just start shooting Dems?

Oh wait, that's already started as 'lone wolves'.

Atlanta Roofing

The fastest way to correct the US economy is for everyone to refuse to pay their mortgage, loans and credit cards for three months. Every last single loan and mortgage should be defaulted on. There is no possible way they can process and litigate that many defaults...the courts will be tied up for decades and the banks will run out of cash and be on their knees, which is exactly what has to happen. The system is not designed to deal with it, and banks will have no choice but to forgive it because therwise they cut off their own supply of income. Just three months is all that's needed...it would utterly paralyze them, and at this point no government will go to bat for them.



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I jsut dicovered your blog. It's great. Thanks.

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